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Agilent 1260 Infinity II HPLC and Agilent Ultivo Triple Quadruple MS/MS

The 1260 HPLC and the Triple-quad MS/MS is applied to detect the presence of mycotoxins, Category I, and Category II pesticides at sub-part-per-million levels. The application of this instrument to our method provides the needed accuracy and precision to detect mycotoxins and pesticides at the mandated regulatory levels.

Agilent 1260 Infinity II HPLC

We leverage our 1260 infinity II to identify and quantify cannabinoids found in the cannabis products we test. The high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) based assays to profile and quantify 11 cannabinoids including THC, THCA, CBA, CBDA, CBN, and CBG. This makes our platform an ideal choice for your potency testing needs.

Agilent Intuvo 9000 GC, 5977B MS/MS with Liquid Injection Autosampler

Our Agilent headspace Gas Chromatography analysis is ideal for terpene analysis due to high vapor pressure and volatility found in such compounds. Accurate terpene analysis allows both producers and consumers to select cultivars with the desired aromas and effects. Our instrument leverages flame-ionization detection to identify and quantitate 22 target terpenes found in cannabis samples.

Agilent 7800 ICP-MS

Heavy metals analysis is completed using the Agilent 7800 ICP-MS. This instrument is capable of carrying out a wide range of trace and minor elements in cannabis and associated products. Its capacity for automated dilution minimizes manual handling during the sample preparation phase, producing more precise and accurate results.

Intuvo 9000 GC-MSD

Residual solvents used in the extraction process for cannabis product present a health hazard if they are present in the final product. The Intuvo 9000 platform at the cutting-edge among Gas Chromatography instruments. The analysis for residual solvents can be up to twice as fast using the Intuvo 9000, this improvement in performance translates to a highly accurate results delivered in a timely fashion.

Hamilton STARlet 8

Human error is the primary contributing factor to mistakes in analytical laboratories. Merso Labs has invested in a state-of-art automated liquid handling system to minimize our error rate and improve turn-around time for our clients. The precision achieved by our robotics liquid handling is both faster and more accurate than lab technicians.