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Liquor and alcohol may have a lot of laws and regulations around it, but it pales in comparison to the control, testing, and regulation of cannabis. The Bureau of Cannabis Control helps oversee this process within the industry. Purchasing recreational cannabis has its own tasks, but growers must go through an even more rigorous process. For regulatory purposes, each lot of cannabis flower grown must be documented and tested with the results printed on the container label.

While this constant testing system can be taxing for cannabis farmers, there are many reasons why testing cannabis products can be important. From questionable ingredients in vaping products to the presence of contaminants in cannabis flower, testing can ensure that any undesired additives do not end up in the finished product. Testing for concentrations of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoid lets consumers navigate the effects and strength of experience they desire. Knowing cannabinoid levels also provides a more consistent potency for edibles, which is key for their safe use.

This is where companies like Merso Labs come into play. Located in Lompoc and the only testing facility along the Central Coast, their services help cannabis companies in the area keep up to code and research new possibilities. The labs feature state-of-the- art equipment and founder and UCSB product Kaleb Asfaha thought ahead for its development, with the space and facility walls able to be moved as the company scales and\ expands. Much of their work revolves around compliance testing, but the laboratory can also research cannabis genetics and test for cannabinoids. With these results, farmers can better understand the molecular level of the flowers they are growing. And for those of us purchasing cannabis, we can have a safer and more reliable experience.

Source: Santa Barbara Sentinel,