Understanding a COA

Understanding A COA

A COA, or Certificate of Analysis, is a verified document provided by a cannabis testing lab to its clients, with information about cannabis products, as required by California. A COA contains details about the testing lab performing the analysis as well as the samples, strains, and types of products tested. Although potency may be the […]

Hop Latent Viroid is Trashing Cannabis Crops

Hop latent leaf

A recent study[1] found that 90% of California facilities are detecting occurrences of Hop Latent Viroid. The survey tested more than 100 licensed California cannabis facilities and 200,000 tissues between August 2018 and July 2021, suggesting losses of up to $4 billion in cannabis crops. The pathogen poses a large threat to the industry because […]

Merso Labs Launches Croptober Special to Celebrate Harvest Season

Croptober Special - Merso Labs

Plants are ready for harvest, which makes October one of the busiest times to be a cannabis cultivator. To celebrate the season, Merso Labs is launching a Croptober special, offering full compliance testing for $420 through the end of October. The goal of this offer is to spark new relationships with cultivators and manufacturers in […]


Ryan OConnell

Merso Labs has announced the hiring of Ryan O’Connell as the new director of sales and business development. Merso Labs is the only licensed cannabis testing lab in Santa Barbara County. “Ryan is a client-focused strategist,” company CEO Kaleb Asfaha said. “He understands how to integrate the inner workings of our lab process and analysis […]


Santa Barbara Sentinel screenshot

Liquor and alcohol may have a lot of laws and regulations around it, but it pales in comparison to the control, testing, and regulation of cannabis. The Bureau of Cannabis Control helps oversee this process within the industry. Purchasing recreational cannabis has its own tasks, but growers must go through an even more rigorous process. […]

The first cannabis testing lab in Santa Barbara County is opening in Lompoc

When the lab does open, state-required testing will include analyzing samples of products prior to them hitting retail shelves to ensure there are no pesticides, heavy metals such as lead, bacteria, or other potentially harmful materials. Gorter said the lab will also measure the potency of the products and the different types of terpenes it […]

Coffee May Shed Light on Cannabis – A Call for Engagement and Evidence

In light of the recent vaping-related lung injury outbreak on the national stage, as well as more local complaints centered around odor, cannabis has become a focus of contention. Throughout history, many new industries have faced hard-hearted resistance. Before attending graduate school, and moving to Buellton, I worked in coffee. Today, coffee is a commodity […]

Second dispensary, first testing lab set to enter market

It’s a major, major milestone,” Asfaha said of getting final approval from the city. “The city of Lompoc has gone out of their way to move things as fast as they possibly could. In business, nothing ever moves as fast as you want it to be, but as long as it’s moving in the right […]

An Entrepreneur’s Vision

I’m a product of the UC system, says Kaleb, 34. “And UC Berkeley is the cherry on top. They’ve carried me all the way, from where I come from in East Africa, through poverty in America, toward a PhD and becoming an entrepreneur in California.” With two degrees in chemistry — a BA from the […]